Uniters North America is led by Chief Executive Officer

Posted by Admin | December 2nd, 2014

Uniters North America is a company that is active in creating and selling products and services in the home care and furniture repair or protection fields. These are growing fields that have seen a great deal of innovation in recent years, with much of that innovation coming from the company that Uniters North America derives its name from: Uniters. Both companies were founded by Gordian Tork, an entrepreneur and innovator. Uniters was founded in 1991 and Uniters North America followed in 2009. Both companies have thrived since their founding. Uniters North America exists to promote products created by Uniters in North American markets. This includes the promotion of products like Textile Master, Leather Master, Wood Master, Boat Master, AutoCare Master, Repair Master, Stainsafe, and BedGard Mattress Protection. These are products which are already well-known all over the world, but which have only entered North American markets in the last couple of years. Uniters North America is led by Chief Executive Officer and founder Gordian Tork. The company has inherited his insistence upon excellence in all aspects of customer service, from the inception of a product to the fulfilling of its warranty. North American consumers who take a chance on Uniters North America products will be pleasantly surprised by the high quality of products and customer service that they are met with. Uniters North America’s warranty system is even set up differently from its competitors, as it was designed to actually provide coverage! They also developed a transparent system so that customers can track their claims as they go through the warranty process.

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